Times do not stand still, and even the most effective website with time can become outdated. This concerns not only its content but technologies too. That’s why we offer businesses whose websites’ codes are outdated our help with legacy code refactoring.   

What’s the Essence of Legacy Code Refactoring Services

The main idea to refactor legacy code is to update its structure and architecture. That doesn’t impact the functionality of the code, but it helps to improve outdated code and, sometimes, to integrate outdated software or websites with newer products used by businesses.   

The Main Benefits of the Modernization of Legacy Applications and Sites  

Legacy Code Refactoring

There are multiple benefits which are essential for legacy code refactoring.  

  • It is cost-saving. You reduce costs by implementing the modernization of legacy applications instead of rebuilding it from scratch or developing a new one instead of an existing one.
  • It is referred to implementing newer and better practices without quitting previous ones.
  • Improved protection. As usual, outdated sites and apps are prone to breakdowns and hacks. When the code is updated, it provides improved protection levels.
  • The ability to scale the product up and provide more innovations in the future. That is bingo for growing businesses which have goals for further scaling up.
  • Easier integration with other products. When the code is outdated, and it has low interoperability, it’s a catastrophe. Legacy code refactoring helps to cope with this problem.

In DigiSpace, we focus on refactoring PHP legacy code by using new-gen frameworks. You can get Laravel upgrades or Symfony upgrades in our company. We can improve your website, app, or product performance for low costs. With us, you can update the PHP version of your web tool and get its highest performance ever.